Best Movies To Watch On Online Streaming Sites

Best Movies To Watch On Online Streaming Sites

Mid90s” (2018)

And that leaves us with Jonah Hill’s “Mid90s,” a thin but nuanced, heartfelt, and promising debut that crashes a typical coming-of-age story into a very particular sub-section of Los Angeles’ skateboarding culture. Young Sunny Suljic is terrific as a 13-year-old kid who falls in with a loose crew of local skaters, and Lucas Hedges is revelatory playing against type as the lead’s emotionally repressed older brother.

Available to stream April 18.


The Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel


This month sees the hotly anticipated launch of the Criterion Channel, which is rising like a phoenix from the ashes of (the dearly departed) FilmStruck. And, really, where are we even supposed to begin? Picking the best movie from the new streaming platform’s day one lineup is kind of like looking for a needle in the world’s biggest stack of needles. In addition to the Criterion Collection’s entire lineup, the service will also launch with several unmissable sidebars and spotlights, including an 11-film array of classic noir from Columbia Pictures, a program of David Lynch features and shorts, profiles of Charles Burnett and Simone Signoret, and a smattering of more contemporary essentials like Bi Gan’s “Kaili Blues.”

Of all the incredible films coming to the Criterion Channel, Sofia Coppola’s debut feature deserves special attention because of how the streaming platform is choosing to present it. Continuing one of FilmStruck’s best features, the Criterion Channel will offer subscribers the chance to enjoy the full Criterion experience on a select few titles each month, and “The Virgin Suicides” is one of the first movies to receive that deluxe treatment. This brilliant Jeffrey Eugenides adaptation established Coppola’s singular ability to transform bored-as-hell privilege into something unexpectedly profound, and on the Criterion Channel you’ll be able to enjoy exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, Eleanor Coppola’s documentary on the making of the film, and even Coppola’s short “Lick the Star.”


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